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Finanzas 101: FAQ, Short Selling + CDS

En el sitio de la Unión Europea, hay un accesible FAQ sobre la regulación sobre Short Selling y Credit Default Swaps.

¿Sesgos + momentum?, maybe.

Personalmente me quedo con la tabla comparativa -cerca del final- entre la regulacion del Short Selling en USA, EU y Hong Kong.



Tabla du Jour: Sin palabras…

(Fuente: Bespoke Investment Group)


Finanzas 101: Proxy Hedging

Tal vez es una serie de post más para finanzas 301, pero los ultimos 3 post de Quantivity hacen un buen capitulo de Hedging.

Proxy / Cross Hedging

“The root challenge of two current equity risk and alpha projects boil down to hedging using non-underlying instruments, known as proxy hedging or cross hedging.”

Empirical Quantiles and Proxy Selection

“(…)how to choose an appropriate hedge instrument, especially amongst several alternatives.”

Empirical Copulas and Hedge Basis Risk

“Of particular interest is understanding the dynamics of basis risk under extreme scenarios (both up and down), which are driven by time-varying stochastic joint covariation.”


Fun & Finance: #13, Charla sobre Opciones

En este episodio, Gaston empieza a trabajar con opciones y Leo le da una mano explicándole -de forma introductoria- de que tratan. Y para el final, le cuenta de una estrategia utilizada mucho en Argentina.

Siempre mejor en HD.

No se olviden de LIKE THIS !!


Paper: Equity y detección de Crashes

Detection of Crashes and Rebounds in Major Equity Markets

Financial markets are well known for their dramatic dynamics and consequences that affect much of the world’s population. Consequently, much research has aimed at understanding, identifying and forecasting crashes and rebounds in financial markets. The Johansen-Ledoit-Sornette (JLS) model provides an operational framework to understand and diagnose financial bubbles from rational expectations and was recently extended to negative bubbles and rebounds. Using the JLS model, we develop an alarm index based on an advanced pattern recognition method with the aim of detecting bubbles and performing forecasts of market crashes and rebounds. Testing our methodology on 10 major global equity markets, we show quantitatively that our developed alarm performs much better than chance in forecasting market crashes and rebounds. We use the derived signal to develop elementary trading strategies that produce statistically better performances than a simple buy and hold strategy.

Link al Paper


Gráfico du Jour: Really Too Big To Fail (RTBTF)

(Fuente Fitch, via FT Alphaville)



Invertir en Volatilidad

Schaeffers Research tiene un post donde analiza un trabajo de Morningstar donde compara dos portfolios uno con equity y cash y otro que tiene esos componentes más derivados del VIX. Para concluir con:

Well, that’s a downer. I think the point would be not to leverage, and accept the lower return/lower risk. Or, simply allocate less to volatility.

But truthfully, it’s more about the concepts here than actually replicating this portfolio. Remember — it’s all simulated to begin with. We only know how these actual volatility derivatives behaved in the last five years; the simulations have their own margins of error.

Basically, this all tells me that properly allocated and relatively frequently hedged VXZ provides a decent portfolio hedge over time.


Fun & Finance: capítulo 7, Volatilidad

En esta septima entrega -y gracias a los escenarios virtuales- Gaston visita a Leo. Quien le explica sobre Volatilidad, como se mide y que estrategias hay para tradearla.

Para un mayor disfrute de este video, le recomendamos que lo vea desde Vimeo directamente en Alta Definición.


Paper: delta hedging y mercados con saltos

A note on delta hedging in markets with jumps


Modeling stock prices via jump processes is common in financial markets. In practice,to hedge a contingent claim one typically uses the so-called delta-hedging strategy. This strategy stems from the Black–Merton–Scholes model where it perfectly replicates contingent claims. From the theoretical viewpoint, there is no reason for this to hold in models with jumps. However inpractice the delta-hedging strategy is widely used and its potential shortcoming in models with jumps is disregarded since such models are typically incomplete and hence most contingent claims are non-attainable. In this note we investigate a complete model with jumps where the delta-hedging strategy is well-defined for regular payoff functions and is uniquely determined via the risk-neutral measure. In this setting we give examples of (admissible) delta-hedging strategies with boundeddiscounted value processes, which nevertheless fail to replicate the respective bounded contingent claims. This demonstrates that the deficiency of the delta-hedging strategy in the presence of jumps is not due to the incompleteness of the model but is inherent in the discontinuity of the trajectories.

Link al Paper


Paper: Hedging dinamico, análisis empírico

An Empirical Analysis of Dynamic Multiscale Hedging using Wavelet Decomposition


This paper investigates the hedging effectiveness of a dynamic moving window OLS hedging model, formed using wavelet decomposed time-series. The wavelet transform is applied to calculate the appropriate dynamic minimum-variance hedge ratio for various hedging horizons for a number of assets. The effectiveness of the dynamic multiscale hedging strategy is then tested, both in- and out-of-sample, using standard variance reduction and expanded to include a downside risk metric, the time horizon dependent Value-at-Risk. Measured using variance reduction, the effectiveness converges to one at longer scales, while a measure of VaR reduction indicates a portion of residual risk remains at all scales. Analysis of the hedge portfolio distributions indicate that this unhedged tail risk is related to excess portfolio kurtosis found at all scales.

Link al Paper

Fun & Finance


Fun & Finance Rollover

"It is hard to be finite upon an infinite subject, and all subjects are infinite." Herman Melville

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